Rowdan's Journey - Chapter Unknown

It was the spring of his 19th year and Rowdan had just set out upon his quest. He had never been out of the tiny village of _____ in the country of Gual, and he was excited not scared about his journey and the quest ahead of him. All wizard apprentices had to spend the last two years of their apprenticeship on their quest, a quest to guide them into their place in life. That morning he had said goodbye to those he had grown up with and thanked his master the Wizard Tybalt. They both knew Rowdan would not return to this place, his place was elsewhere and his purpose revealed in time. That was the way it had worked for generations, this was the way magic was passed down from one generation to the next. Only the worthy were chosen by the wizards to receive this gift. You were given to the Wizard as a child to be an apprentice, and in return for your work and devotion the Wizard would pass his gift of magic to you.

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