I felt a great sorrow come across my heart this morining when I heard of Ted Kennedy's death. Not because the man himself had passed, but it feels like the death of a generation to me. My generation, or I am at least at the tail end of this generation. I'm not sure it is possible to attain & acheive the goals men like John, Robert & Ted Kennedy had. I have hope for the next generation of thinker's to be as great as these men were!


I am so restless feel like I'm climbing the walls some days!
I imagine your body pressed against mine, softness to softness, breath to breath. Our bodies entiwined, our mouths pressed together in passion. Do you imagine it too??
Monday Advice to Men: Guy's be a kind considerate lover, and remember, just because it worked once doesn't mean do it that way every time!!


Headed to Oregon at the

end of the Week!!


Pig Parade!! For you estella!!!


Hey, swine flu victim how be you?? Found lots of funny piggy pic's!
BELATED Monday Advice to Men: Remember, if you are in a shit mood and your taking it out on us, your not getting any! Your mood reflects how much we want to sleep with you!
Big Brother Blog!!! fun http://www.sho.com/ click on bb after dark


Look at this yummy Peach Pizza I made!!


Estella's doing better, YEAH!!!! Can't wait to go to Oregon @ EOM & see everyone!!! Miss you all terribly!


A Political Statement

!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!! This blog may be hazardous to the health of anyone who sends me another political joke, without checking to see what my political affilittions are, & where I stand!!!!!!! A POLITICAL STATEMENT: I am a registered Democrat, I have been one since I moved to Las Vegas and left the Republican party! I voted to Obama, and before that Clinton twice!! I think Obama will be a good president after that laughing stock BUSH! I think we need some kind of health care reform, since I have never gotten to the point where what I was born with (scoliosis), is no longer considered a pre-existing condition, therefore I have never been treated! I beleive the biggest issue right now should be the economy, as I have been out of work for a year and a half. The second biggest issue to me is yes, here it comes GLOBAL WARMING!!!! OH MY GOD!! I've said it, the world did not end! I want my grandkids to have a world to grow up in, with a somewhat stable economy, but a WORLD NONE THE LESS. Obama has gone a bit over the top pushing the health care reform, but I support some form of it in the long run. This debt started a long, long, long time ago (Regan, and I voted for him too), our debt has been building for a long time. The lenders and credit card companies have never been regulated and this was bound to happen, we are still letting it happen. NOTHING has changed or been regulated in this area, it is all fluff. They should not have made the loans, if the people could not afford them, and yes it pisses me off. I went from middle class with equity, to lower class, owing more on my home than it is worth. YES IT PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Baked my ass off last night, but shipped Estella's comfort food to her today!! Get well you SWINE!!


Ok, on a lighter note! Been having a blast on facebook w/all the kids and grandkids!! Making cookies for Estella she has the Swine Flu! Could make some pig jokes, but still worried!! Sending her a special pic!
Can I just say I hate it when people send me political stuff over the internet!! They should at least check to see what my political affiliations are, before sending me jokes that I will not appreciate. (Note to Ma: It wasn't yours, it was someone else's. At least yours was funny!! Love ya Ma.)


My daughter just called & told me she has the swine flu, freaking the fuck out!!!
MONDAY ADVICE TO MEN: Guy's all a little romance means to us is occasionally doing a chore without being asked!


Baking again, made a Carrot Cake w/Cream Cheese frosting!!!
Last Friday I made Peach Daquri's for KP & I, this Friday I made fresh Cherry Daquri's, Mmmmmmmm!!!!


Love to chat with my neices, nephews and grandkids!! Young people are awesome!!!! In my head I am about 25, act like 12, reality says over 45, YUCK!! Hate reality, sucks to be me today, old settling in the bones! Heading up to Oregon at the end of the month, my oldest Grandaughter getting married. WOW! Time slips away without the slightest indication that it's gone, like sand through your fingers, or at the beach standing in the surf.


Underdog In: The Shoe Game
To my daughter, I love you & miss you. Don't be down today, life will get better! Smile


Me & My BFF
Getting ready for another trip up the mountain to get out of the heat! Been waiting for the monsoon's to pass for a couple days. Our favorite campsite is on the edge of a wash and it's not good to get caught in the desert in the rain! What's funny about this is that I was not raised in the outdoors, our idea of camping was a condo in Sunriver. Although I have been camping in the past, I am learning to appreciate it in a new way. Could be not seeing any tree's in the last 4 years (except when visiting home). I am not a priss by any means, but sleeping on the ground was never my forte.


Good Monday to all in Cyber Space! I baked the best Key Lime Pie yesterday, mmmmmm! Was a good day, they begin to blend together when you've been off work as long as I have. Clean in the AM, take the dog swimming in the afternoon, he never gets off the 1st step of the pool! Cook in the evenings, wow the excitment is astounding! NOT!!
MONDAY ADVICE TO MEN: NEVER say anything you will regret later, she will FORGIVE that you said it, but she will NEVER FORGET that you said it!