MONDAY ADVICE TO MEN (late): Guy's be patient with us, sometimes the way you get impatient with us hurts our feelings. Men and Women think differently, remember that when you wonder why we don't get it!
I saw my Aunt this weekend (by the way I love my Dad's sister, my Aunt) I talk to her often on the phone, but I rarely get to see her in person. I had a wonderful visit with her and two of my cousins that I never get to see, I even got to speak on the phone with my cuz in Tokoyo. I agree politically on every issue with this side of the family, unfortunately when I arrived for dinner at my parents my Dad started to poke me from the Republican standpoint. I took it all in stride, after all my best friends husband KP is the absolute worst! I told him yes I did understand the issues, (I've been voting since Regan!!) but that as a person with very little to no money my perspecitve was just a little different than his. I keep my cool very well, the issue that has me in a tiss is GLOBAL WARMING, no one in my direct family beleives it exists!!!!!!!!!! #@*+!!!! Brian Williams on the national new said just this evening that the ARTIC ICECAP IS THINNER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN!!! So, I call my mom to see if her and dad saw it, and of course not the were out to Dinner!!!! Just my LUCK!!!