This is Estella After
This is Estella before


Red Rock Canyon

We went to Red Rock Canyon recently, beautiful, took us long enough, have lived here three years!!

A View From My Room

Hello world!! Today was a good day, baked zucchini bread yesterday, so had a warm slice for b-fest. Took Underdog swimming at Charlie & George's (a daily must for him). It's been hotter than the hubb's of hell, 110 to about 112, YEAH!!!
Estella got a third job today, she's been stressing about it constantly, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Being that young SUCKS!!! Course it sucks to be out of work for a year and a half too!!! But sa la vi
life has a way of testing you no matter how old you are.


this is a post

Do you ever wonder where all those voices in your head come from?? I don't, I'm sure there are lots of different people floating around in my head! My best friend tells me to put them away occasionally, but we sure have fun with them! What is normal anyway? I think every one's version of normal is different, and normal is all a matter of perspective.