Newest Food Items!

Date Nut bars (made with fresh dates picked on the farm this week), Coco Drops & Cinnamon Jumbles, Chocolate Chip cookies & Monster Cookies, and Apple Betty pie!


Child of Mine!

Do I tell you how much I really love you????? Your blog completely amuses me, we are such products of our environment. Your spirit is true blue and refreshing. Every young girl has an obsession with horses, you are a late bloomer. Yes you may have the book, a treasure for sure and signed by the artist that drew those wonderful depictions. One of these is the beauty that I want.


Have given up my Monday advice to men column, to busy with my other blogs!! So sorry men your on your own!


A cold November wind blew through our garden today, it plucked a special rose as its cold fingers touched our lives. A sweet smelling rose full of love and kindness, a truly beautiful flower of color and depth. We will remember that our lives were forever changed with the cold breath of November. For Sheryl

Newest Pies!!!!!!!!!!