The baby shower cake for Crystal!!
Ok, haven't managed to bake anything in the cookbook, but someone gave me Amish bread starter & then I had to do a few other things, oh well, soon!!


My new project!!

This week I begin cooking from this new cookbook "Great American Home Baking" a thousand page trilogy to baking. Yummmmmm!!! Will do one recipe per week starting in chapter one, and randomly select recipies out of each chapter. I am starting with chapter one biscuits & rolls, onion dinner rolls. I am new to anything with yeast, but having good luck! Below I have posted pictures of the cookbook, chapter & product I will be trying! Wish me luck!


I have the first egg!! Good chicken's, mine laid first!! Whew!!!!!


Have to say, I do not deal with stress well. I am maxed at this point, worried about the kid, and us. Not sure where all of this is going. Harmony has been my only goal for so long, that this chaos sends me over the edge. Have always worried about money, but never when the next check was coming. No work down here, no prospects, and now unemployment is sketchy. My head is going to pop off any minute. The future is showing no brightspots, don't know where this country is headed and it scares me to think about it. Prayer only helps doesn't cure.


Blackberry, Raspberry pizza with Strawberry Glaze!
I have been neglecting my blog. I have been painting, and changing the rooms in my house around. No time to write or even hook up most of my equipment. Have attached several pic's of the new guest bedroom (for the guests that never come), and the new media room.