Chocolate whip cream cake with chocolate filling and vanilla icing in the center!
Cream pies are my favorite, on the stove, 10 minutes, DONE! Coconut cream & Pomeganate pie! The pom is made with an old orange juice pie recipie converted to pom juice!
My pound cake tryed in January, also to dry!
My daughter tryed two new pound cake recipies when we were in Oregon for Christmas. Old recipies don't always translate well with the foods of today. I believe after trying a recipie for pound cake from the bible (my 1932 Betty Crocker cookbook), that you need to use half and half instead of milk, 2% just doesn't cut it the cake is always to dry.
Both of these were flops, one was to dry, and the other I believe was a misprint in the cookbook, you can't make good cake without SUGAR!! That recipie did not have any sugar in it!

I Decided to make very colorful Christmas cookies this year! Lemon butter cookies w/buttercream frosting! Yummmmmmmmm