Feeling very family mushy!!
I can be the most spastic blond that walks the face of the planet sometimes!!! Argh!!!! Took me a full two minutes to realize I was trying to sign in under the wrong email!! Argh!!! Why am I so blond sometimes?? Who really knows. windy day, winter has finally arrived in Vegas. It went from 105 to 79 & were all freezing, what a bunch of wooses.


Not a bad pic, but definately my BB entry pic.
Monday Advice to Men: Remember, when a woman is angry she will bring up everything that has made her mad for the past year. This is not really the issue, I think we bring all the other stuff up because we try not to get mad that often. Oops, SORRY!!


My daughter made a reference to the term BAT SHIT CRAZY, she's hearing it a lot lately. My theory is the test on Face book that has been going around, it is a personality test. Mine said I was BAT SHIT CRAZY, it couldn't be more correct!

Monday Advice to Men:

Monday Advice to Men: Men, please just pick the Restaurant!! Please don't always make us make the decision on where to eat. Thank you!!


To Estella

Estella, I am happy that you are finding the happiness within. Only you can make you happy, reach for the little things they matter the most. Shawn is a great guy and you have every right to be happy. Beleive it or not I am the parent not you, and your condesending tone PISSES ME OFF SOMETIMES!!!!! Have a heart for me also, you hurt my feelings and I know it's easy, but knock it off!


Rowdan's Journey - Chapter Unknown

It was the spring of his 19th year and Rowdan had just set out upon his quest. He had never been out of the tiny village of _____ in the country of Gual, and he was excited not scared about his journey and the quest ahead of him. All wizard apprentices had to spend the last two years of their apprenticeship on their quest, a quest to guide them into their place in life. That morning he had said goodbye to those he had grown up with and thanked his master the Wizard Tybalt. They both knew Rowdan would not return to this place, his place was elsewhere and his purpose revealed in time. That was the way it had worked for generations, this was the way magic was passed down from one generation to the next. Only the worthy were chosen by the wizards to receive this gift. You were given to the Wizard as a child to be an apprentice, and in return for your work and devotion the Wizard would pass his gift of magic to you.


Flower's for you T!!
More artwork!!
The shoji I'm working on!!
Made lemon/vanilla ice cream last night, mmmmmmmmmmm!!!
Went to PH met my secret and will continue the investigation!!


MONDAY ADVICE TO MEN: Flower's are NEVER a bad idea, just one that is not thought often enough!


Do you think that weirdness can be passed on through genetics?? I can be a curious combination of incredibly funny and odd. I am basically happy and require harmony in my life, conflict is a waste of time and energy. Back to my question, yes it must be, my kid can be even weirder than myself. Is this an inherited trait, or have I taught her what I believe to the core. Be true to thyself! To me this means that I will not compromise my core values for anyone. I have but two things I have to do in life, live and die, and anything else is a concious choice on my part. I love her weirdness, her kindness, and her exceedingly generous heart!


Fettichini, Italian chicken & Rosmary tomato bread!!


Best Man's Speech!

Meeting tommorow with the girls, we will see!


MONDAY ADVICE TO MEN (late): Guy's be patient with us, sometimes the way you get impatient with us hurts our feelings. Men and Women think differently, remember that when you wonder why we don't get it!
I saw my Aunt this weekend (by the way I love my Dad's sister, my Aunt) I talk to her often on the phone, but I rarely get to see her in person. I had a wonderful visit with her and two of my cousins that I never get to see, I even got to speak on the phone with my cuz in Tokoyo. I agree politically on every issue with this side of the family, unfortunately when I arrived for dinner at my parents my Dad started to poke me from the Republican standpoint. I took it all in stride, after all my best friends husband KP is the absolute worst! I told him yes I did understand the issues, (I've been voting since Regan!!) but that as a person with very little to no money my perspecitve was just a little different than his. I keep my cool very well, the issue that has me in a tiss is GLOBAL WARMING, no one in my direct family beleives it exists!!!!!!!!!! #@*+!!!! Brian Williams on the national new said just this evening that the ARTIC ICECAP IS THINNER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN!!! So, I call my mom to see if her and dad saw it, and of course not the were out to Dinner!!!! Just my LUCK!!!