German Chocolate & white chocolate frosting!



Of course I didn't eat that whole piece, not that much of a Hog Dog!!


Red Velvet Cake with buttercream, cream cheese frosting!!
Monday Advice to Men: A man that can build and fix things is not only incredibly sexy, but helpful as well!



Estella, you crack me up!! Your blog A Wicket Jar is spectacular. I enjoy the diversity and the art. Wish I spent more time looking for new stuff as opposed to organizing the old stuff! Maybe after that is finished. Love you, kisses!!


Dinner tonight; Pasta w/roasted garlic tomato bread & peach pizza for dessert!!
Belated Monday Advice to Men: Sorry men, was awfully busy this week!! Give hug's and kisses, hold her hand, we love the little stuff!!
Sorry world, been buzy planning my new chicken coop!! Bob said I can have a few chicken's and the city reg's are ok with it as long as there aren't any Roosters!!


Just cooking to be cooking, this was dinner a couple days ago!! Making stuffed bell peppers tonight!

German Chocolate

This was my first attempt at home baked german choc cake!! Mmmmmmm!!!

My New Favorite Food!!


Monday Advice to Men: All it really takes to melt our hearts is your hand on my hand as you pass me, you holding the door when we get in the car, your stare across a crowded room to reasure me. The smallest word or gesture at the right moment!! Say's I love you, more than you know!


Rowan, the reason you love alochol is because your family history dictates that you do. Resist the urge, would rather you herbate than drink. LOL forever kiddo!
Every time I go home to my parents house I end up fixing (ie; programing) all of the televisions, vcr's an dvd players in their house. It cracks me up since I live over a 1000 miles away, and might get home twice a year. I have invented the term Techno-Impared for this syndrom. My parents aren't the only ones who have it, almost everyone I know does. It must just be that a blinking light on a vcr drives me insane so I must fix it. OK, maybe it's me after all!!