A Political Statement

!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!! This blog may be hazardous to the health of anyone who sends me another political joke, without checking to see what my political affilittions are, & where I stand!!!!!!! A POLITICAL STATEMENT: I am a registered Democrat, I have been one since I moved to Las Vegas and left the Republican party! I voted to Obama, and before that Clinton twice!! I think Obama will be a good president after that laughing stock BUSH! I think we need some kind of health care reform, since I have never gotten to the point where what I was born with (scoliosis), is no longer considered a pre-existing condition, therefore I have never been treated! I beleive the biggest issue right now should be the economy, as I have been out of work for a year and a half. The second biggest issue to me is yes, here it comes GLOBAL WARMING!!!! OH MY GOD!! I've said it, the world did not end! I want my grandkids to have a world to grow up in, with a somewhat stable economy, but a WORLD NONE THE LESS. Obama has gone a bit over the top pushing the health care reform, but I support some form of it in the long run. This debt started a long, long, long time ago (Regan, and I voted for him too), our debt has been building for a long time. The lenders and credit card companies have never been regulated and this was bound to happen, we are still letting it happen. NOTHING has changed or been regulated in this area, it is all fluff. They should not have made the loans, if the people could not afford them, and yes it pisses me off. I went from middle class with equity, to lower class, owing more on my home than it is worth. YES IT PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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